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Personlig Diagnostik

I nogle lande tilbyder vi personlig diagnostik, der giver svar på specifikke sundhedsspørgsmål

As a leader in diagnostics, Unilabs aims to be at the heart and start of all effective treatment decisions. Increasingly, such decisions are based on an individual's unique genetic make-up.

What we do

Across the Unilabs network, we have several Centres of Excellence that offer you and your doctor access to innovative personalised diagnostics.

These highly-targeted tests cover a wide variety of disciplines from IVF, fertility and pregnancy-related diagnostics to complete health assessments.

Our Centres of Excellence offer industry-leading expertise that can help assess a patient’s likely response and/or sensitivity to specific drugs. Working in close collaboration with caregivers across the globe, Unilabs has been able to help identify better, more personalised treatment options for thousands of patients.

Our Centres of Excellence offer advanced personalised diagnostics to provide better, more personalised care.

Our Centres of Excellence offer advanced personalised diagnostics to provide better, more personalised care.

We are proud to offer one of the largest genetic diagnostic portfolios in Europe.

This provides you and your caregiver access to personalised diagnostics for the treatment and monitoring of genetic, chronic, infectious diseases.

We also offer an extensive catalogue of diagnostics that can help in the early detection, management and personalised treatment of cancer.

Unilabs Centres of Excellence

Our international Centres of Excellence include:


France - IVF
Our IVF clinic in Paris provides over 5,000 IVF treatments annually. Also, our laboratories in Paris and Dax are among the few laboratories to have obtained accreditation for the predictive diagnosis of trisomy 21. 


Portugal - Genetics
Our genetics lab in Porto offers one of the industry’s largest catalogues of genetic tests. It provides diagnostics and genetic counselling services in 3 languages to over 65 countries globally.


Switzerland - Biocheckup
Our Coppet and Lausanne labs collaborate to offer Biocheckup, a highly personalised health status overview, integrating a wide program of tests that evaluates: cardiovascular & inflammatory risks, oxidative stress & nutrition, insulin resistance, nutrition and metabolism, urine trace elements and endocrine status. This unique Preventive Medicine service is offered to both Swiss nationals as well as international customers.


Denmark - Companion Diagnostics
Our Copenhagen lab collaborates closely with leading, global pharmaceutical companies in the development and delivery of companion diagnostic tests. These tests allow caregivers to determine whether specific drugs or treatments can safely be prescribed to patients with life-changing diseases such as highly active relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

Key facts

We perform

5,000 IVF treatments


We offer a catalogue of more than

4,000 tests

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